Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journals 3&4

In week 3
I was at zones, but my class used wool instead of fishing line wire. I predicted that it wouldn't go as far because there is more friction to slow it down. I wonder if the wind would slow it down?

Week 4
We did the trebuchet first. We used two weights and it went 8 meters and the last one we used all the weights and it went 38 meters. Then we used the onager and the first one it went 21.41 and on hole four it went 37 meters. I think the trebuchet goes further because it goes higher so it has more time in the air. The onager goes lower so there's more friction when it touches the ground it slows it down. My learning is at multistructural.

Science journals 1&2

Week 1 slime:
Term two is science term. Week 1 we made slime with water, cornflour and food colouring. It was slimy gooey and hard. We made it to slime Mr Anderson on the head. I think my writing is multistructural because I can mix the ingredients to make the slime, I can find out what went wrong. For example we made two slimes and one was to runny and one was to hard so we mixed them. I also know about gravitational force.

Week 2 Rocket Balloon:

In week 2 we made a rocket balloon with straws, a balloon and wool . It went well because the air pushed the balloon across the string. The point in this was learning about different forces. We also did it with no straw and instead we used paper instead of a straw. It didn't work because the straw was smooth and the paper wasn't. I think I am multistructural because I can identify why it didn’t  go across the string, I can identify why it does go across the string with a straw and I can inference what went wrong.

Week 9 science journal finn & jonty

Jumping frog

Some things i observed about the jumping frog is the fat ones don’t jump as high it think this is because the fat ones weigh a lot more than the small ones. Also if you make a big one you need to tie two rubber bands together otherwise it is too tight and either the rubber band would snap or the card would rip

Rocket sling shot
I noticed that you had to flick your wrist otherwise the rocket launcher thing would crash into the popsicle stick. I also noticed that it did not have much velocity.

Projectile launcher
We found out that 45° is the best angle to launch because it's not too high and not too low. If you do it over 45° it goes too high and drops down and if you do it under 45° it goes too low.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 8 trebuchet vs onager

Science journal 5: trebuchet vs onager. This week we studied the differences and the same things when comparing the Trebuchet and Onager. The trebuchet and onager are catapults that fire mini projectiles like balls the size of tennis balls. 

Here are some similarities we thought of. They both launch because of the forces that they generate, for example the trebuchet uses the gravity of the lead weights and the onager uses torsion from the twisted rope (this happens because the ropes want to untwist). 

They may have their similarities but they also have differences. For example, the onager has more power so goes further and it also launches quicker but the trebuchet launches slow because doesn't have much velocity. 

We noticed the onager launches faster we think this is because it has got more velocity but goes lower. We think it goes lower because the arm is smaller also it goes lower if we pull it to the first hole.

The onager uses holes to launch the projectile further, the furthest will shoot the furthest because it gets more force.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

In He Tangata this term we have been focusing on being a responsible citizen. Charlie, Riley, Tom and I decided to do a project on time banking to help others learn new skills. We learnt about time banking when a guest speaker came into school and spoke about how it ran and why. This got us thinking about how we could bring skills to school. I think i am multistructural because I can use several strategies to be a responsible citizen. These strategies are helping others learn new skills such as musical instruments, sports and chess, and teaching new skills. I am proud of how well we worked together and the presentation that we made because it was high quality. My next step is to use several strategies in our community such as picking up rubbish, helping people feel better, helping people reach high places. And know when and why to use them.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What I play hard at

What I play hard at

It's the pre match warm up and I am so excited to get on the field. I wear my socks, my boots and my rugby uniform. It is a cold winter day. I hop on the field and fetch the ball like a dog. I tackle, sprint, side step, kick, pass, everything. I do all this, I score some tries, but the most important thing is I'm working hard so we can win. Overall I feel great because I had a good game and because I am working as hard as I can.

Responsible citizen

I think I am multistructural because I can help people who are lonely and make them feel better. For example Charlie and I saw a year two that was lonely, so we said are you ok? Do you want a go on my scooter ? Then he said ok so he went on it then we saw someone being mean to him so we went over and broke them up. This made both of us feel good. My next step is to use several  strategies to be a responsible citizen in our community know when and why to use them.